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    Hello. ಠ◡ಠ

    As you can see, we're having troubles with filling up the character pages, since I am busy in writing my summaries, and Toshi's busy with the images. We're technically short-handed right now, that's why this blog is created to look for editors who can edit the said pages. I will tag them all, to save everyone for the trouble of searching every pages.

    1. Nina Wáng
    2. Arika Yumemiya
    3. Erstin Ho
    4. Tomoe Marguerite
    5. Irina Woods
    6. Yayoi Alter
    7. Lilie Adean
    8. Miya Clochette

    1. Akane Soir
    2. Chie Hallard
    3. Shiho Huit
    4. Juliet Nao Zhang

    1. Fumi Himeno
    2. Reira Mariposa
    3. Haruka Armitage
    4. Lena Sayers
    5. Akira Okuzaki
    6. Mai Tokiha
    7. Rosalie Claudel
    8. Laura Bianchi
    9. Carla Bellini
    10. Anh Lu

    1. Sara Gallagher
    2. Natsuki Kruger
    3. Shizuru Viola
    4. Maya Blythe

    1. Miss Maria
    2. Yukariko Steinberg
    3. Youko Helene

    1. Mashiro Kazahana
    2. Mashiro Blan de…

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