True ☆ Arika Head Attack
Activation | Attack
Beautiful Power Release
Name True ☆ Arika Head Attack
Kanji 真☆アリカヘッドアタック
Rōmaji Masutā Heddo Atakku
General Information
Users Arika Yumemiya
Nina Wáng

True ☆ Arika Head Attack (真☆アリカヘッドアタック Masutā Heddo Atakku) is a manga-only Miryoku used by Coral #51, Arika Yumemiya and Coral #1, Nina Wáng when they battled against the Slave Masters.


The users will first charge towards each other,[1] and would stick their back and feet, as if they're sitting mid-air. The users will then strike the target with great impact, dealing massive damage.[2]


  • The point of the translator's note is that 真 is read "ma", and star (apart from hoshi) can be translated "sutā". Masutā in itself is pronounced exactly like the Japanese word "master".[2]


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