Super Bust Impact
Charging | Attack
Miryoku - Super Bust Impact
Name Super Bust Impact
Kanji スーパー・バスト・インパクト
Rōmaji Sūpā Basuto Inpakuto
General Information
Users Erstin Ho

Super Bust Impact (スーパー・バスト・インパクト Sūpā Basuto Inpakuto) is a manga-only ability used by Coral #3, Erstin Ho, when she and Arika Yumemiya battled each other.


The user of this Miryoku will first grasp on their breast, while it emits a shining light. The light would surround the user's body, then jumps on a high distance.[1]

While mid-air, the breasts of the user will shake. The vibrations generated from the shaking would release a powerful surge of energy,[2] causing a massive explosion and deals heavy damage on their target.[3]


  • To possibly perform this Miryoku, an Otome must have a size of F-cup or higher.[2]
  • The previous Meister Otome known for mastering this Miryoku is named Chiharu Shinome.[2]
  • However, if the user will use this Miryoku excessively, the bust will sag.[2]


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