Service Turn Ace
Rena Unleashing Miryoku
Name Service Turn Ace
Kanji 狙撃弾『∀』
Rōmaji Sogekidan ē
Sābisu Tān Ēsu
General Information
Users Reira Mariposa
GEM Rushing Dragon Lazulite

Shooting Bullet "For All" (狙撃弾『∀』Sogekidan ē) or also known as Service Turn Ace (サービスターンエースSābisu Tān Ēsu) is a manga-only Miryoku used by the Meister Otome of Cardair, Reira Mariposa, on her battle against the leader of Schwarz, Midori.


The user will first add string-like energy wires on its Element, giving it a look of a tennis rocket. The Otome will then release a sphere light and tosses it in the air.[1] The Otome will strike the sphere of light while on air, with great force. The sphere of light will charge towards the intended target, causing a very powerful and massive explosion.[2] The damage it can cause, however, remains unknown, since Midori emerged out of the attack, unscathed.[3]


  • The inverted letter A that is present on the name of the Miryoku, is a mathematical symbol known as Turned A, is referred to as "universal quantifier for all".


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