Monica Julen
Monica Mugshot
Name Monica Julen
Kanji モニカ・ユレン
Rōmaji Monika Yuren
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Blue Gray
Eye Color Light Indigo
Self Status
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation Meister Otome
Affiliation Cardair
Master Argos XII
GEM Running Water Diopside
First Appearance
Anime Episode 8
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Monica Julen (モニカ・ユレン Monika Yuren) is an anime-only character who was involved in the major war happened fifty years prior to the events of the main storyline.


Monica was a young woman with a slightly pale-colored skin, light indigo eyes, big breasts and had a long, waist-length hair. She had messy bangs framing half of her forehead, and longer bangs that reached down to her abdomen.


Nothing much is known about her personality, but according to Miss Maria, who was the former Meister's room attendant while she was still a student, Monica was a wonderful and elegant, yet pure person.[1]


Fifty years ago, when Monica was still in Garderobe, she used to be on the Trias. She was one of the many combatants in the War of the Dragon King, serving under Cardair.[1] However, she hasn't had the chance to graduate, as she were chosen to be a Meister despite being a student, and sent to battle, along with other Otome.[1] The Otome who defeated her is her best friend, who's also the Trias #2.[1]


Garderobe Arc

When Arika, Nina, Erstin, Irina along with the Pearl #4, Nao venture on their way on a part of the Forbidden Library, they end up on a dimly-lit place with many clear, crystal-like rectangular statues. Nao approaches one of it and reads the inscription, which turns out to be Monica's. She then mentions the date, which turns out to be A.R 264-281. Irina mentions the year 281, on which Nina answers that it was the major war that happened fifty years ago, the War of the Dragon King.[1] As Arika is about to point out what the statues are, Miss Maria comes in, and says that they're tombs. She tells them that the place is the resting grounds for the senior Otome, and then comments on how the girls overdid it, and no student, or even the royalty is allowed to set their foot in that place without permission.[1] Miss Maria then kneels in front of Monica's grave and apologizes about the fuss that the girls caused. Irina inquires if she's someone that Miss Maria knows, on which the woman affirms; saying that she was Monica's room attendant, and then proceeds on telling her story.[1]


As an Otome, Monica has Nanomachines on her body, providing her abilities such as Flight, Combat prowess and Robe materialization. Her unique ability however, if there's any, remains unknown.


Running Water Diopside (流水の透輝石 Ryūsui no Tōkiseki)[1]: The Meister GEM that Monica used to enter a contract with her master, and gave her access to her Otome powers.


  • Oddly enough, even though Monica and Fiar had a different GEM, their Robe and Element look exactly the same. However, the reason for the similarity remains unknown.


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