Mai-Otome is a Japanese Shōnen manga, authored by Hajime Yatate, Tatsuhito Higuchi (scenario), Hiroyuki Yoshino (scenario) and Kenetsu Sato (art). The manga is serialized in the Shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Champion in August 2005, published by Akita Shoten.

Volume List

Volume 4
Volume 4
Japanese Chapter Titles:
  • 別離の時
  • 戴冠の日
  • 血の玉座
  • ふたりの女王
  • オトメの誓い
  • 風華宮、炎上
  • 記憶の扉
  • ガルデローベ強襲
  • 炎の記憶
English Chapter Titles:
  • A Time of Farewell
  • Coronation Day
  • A Throne of Blood
  • Two Queens
  • An Otome's Vow
  • Fuuka Palace is Burning Down
  • The Door of Memories
  • Garderobe Assault
  • A Memory of Flames
Volume 5
Volume 5
Japanese Chapter Titles:
  • オトメとして
  • 復活の時
  • マテリアライズ!!
  • HiME VS 乙-HiME
  • 蘇る記憶
  • 真白なる貴石
  • 真実
  • 漆黒の絶望
  • ようこそガルデローベへ
English Chapter Titles:
  • Decision of an Otome
  • Time of Resurrection
  • Materialize!!
  • HiME VS Otome
  • Returning Memories
  • A Stone that becomes Pure White
  • Truth
  • Jet Black Despair
  • Welcome to Garderobe

Volume Covers Gallery

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Volume 4 Volume 5


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