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This is the official Magazine of the Mai-Otome, the ZHiME Graph. If you have questions, troubles or concern, please contact ChokokuguzaNoTobira or ToshiroFanGirl. Thank you.
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The ZHiME Graph is the name of the Magazine that was seen in the manga, hence, the name used in this magazine. Here in the ZHiME Graph, this is where you can get the latest news, happenings and changes that are happening in the wiki.


  • Like this one, it should be in bullet form, and would fall on it's appropriate category.
  • There are three categories:
    • Wiki news: The news about the wiki as a whole, like when someone made an affiliation, or the wiki had gone through a certain change.
    • Recent news: This is where the current and previous discussions will be put.
    • Recent changes: A news will fall on this category when a new page has been created, a page name has been renamed and a character gets a new profile picture.
  • At the end of the month, everything will be archived.
    • For the past activities of the wiki, click the archive icon on your right.

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