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In here, the Request for User Rights page is where the formal requests of User Rights are shown and archived. As of now, we aren't looking, but need three more administrators. Users can make a request, and the applicants will be assessed carefully by the current administrators.



Please take note that the following listed is a matter of trust and being active.

  • A regular user of the Wiki, and has a considerable length of stay.
  • An active contributor in the Wiki, edits on a regular basis, and has a lot of contributions especially in the namespace.
  • Trusted by the existing administrators.
  • Someone who other users can turn to by willingly assisting on their Wiki needs - be it on user page, talk page, profile, photo and signatures.
  • Someone who enforces the Wiki's policies.
  • Doesn't stop on fighting vandalism and undoing the bad / unnecessary edits.
  • Doesn't have any records of any block, ban or having any sort of issues.

Not unless you meet the necessary requirements, please refrain in creating any requests.

How to apply?

Should you think that you are worthy of having any position in the wiki, you are free to make a request by leaving it under the section of the position you're applying. To do so, this needs to be filled up:

{{Rights Request
|username = Give out your username without the brackets.
|request = Give out the position you're aiming.
|dateofjoining = Self explanatory, state the date of your joining in this wiki.
|editcount = Give out your edit count.
|description = Say something about yourself.
|reason = Give out your reasons why you have applied for such position.
|timezone = Give out your timezone, especially for those who are applying for chat moderator, for us to ensure that there would be chat mods on different time periods.
|signature = Your signature that comes with a time stamp.

Once you have filled out the necessary information, it would produce:

Request for User Rights
Username ChokokuguzaNoTobira
Rights Requested Why would I request when I am already a Bureaucrat?
Date of Joining April 12, 2013.
Edit count 2,978
User Description Hello, my username is ChokokuguzaNoTobira, but you can call me Choko for short, or Haru, if you prefer to sound different. I am usually nice and afraid to speak up even though I am obviously abused and mocked, but please, provoking me to have a bitch fit wont be good. So — Wait, why the hell I am giving out too much information about le me? :/
Reason I am already the most amazing and talented bureaucrat of this wiki! Why should I ask for more? :)
Time Zone (UTC+08:00)
Signature U.Page MeowT.Page MeowT, MM/DD/YY  13:57, 6/20/2013 
  • After the applicant has been assessed thoroughly assessed by the admins, an answer will be given, which will be Done, Not done and Would be considered that comes with an explanation.
  • The user that gets selected would acquire his desired position, while those who aren't are free to re-apply once a slot opens.

Request: Administrator

Request: Chat Moderator

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