G E N E R A L     P O L I C I E S    

Welcome to the Policies page of Mai-Otome Wiki. There are few policies in each part of this wiki that users must follow to avoid being blocked or banned. They are put up to guide users to do the right thing and observe good conduct. The policies contain the do's and don'ts for better understanding your way in here. To see the policies, please click the policy you want to see on the navigation, and make sure to review them well.

Just remember a few general rules:
  • Never Vandalize.
  • Act appropriately.
  • Respect others; as well as their beliefs and culture.
  • Never argue when you know you're wrong.
  • Never hop in when there's a dispute.
  • Do not edit discussions that are already closed / archived.
  • Always take time to know both sides.
  • Children should never be here in the wiki.
    • The acceptable age for a user to be accepted is 13 years old or higher.
  • Drop the attitude on the door.
  • Do not let your real life problems affect your well-being here in the wiki.
  • Know when to kid and when to be serious.

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