I M A G E     P O L I C I E S    

Images would make an article, as well as user pages look good and give more life into it. But see to it that when you upload an image, you must obey certain rules.

Uploading of Images:
  • Every user has the right to upload an image if:
    • In every image that you will upload, make sure that you will add the {{Fair use rationale}} and give out the proper licensing. Upon uploading, you will be given enough time to add the FUR. If not, you would be given a warning, and the image would be deleted.
  • Fan arts would be tolerated, given if you added the FUR in it, it has a use, and you wont include it on the articles.
    • The images that fall under this category that remains unused for 2 days after being uploaded to the wiki will be deleted.
  • When uploading, be sure to give it a proper name.
  • Be sure it is on .png format.
    • Images that are .jpg in format will be tolerated, provided that it has a superb quality.
  • Be sure that the images are of higher quality.
  • Images that are uploaded but doesn't have a purpose would be deleted.
  • If you wish to upload a picture that already exists in the wiki, but you believe that the picture you will replace is of higher quality, then you're free to do so.
  • Never upload any pictures that are suggestive, pornographic, or those that contain foul language. A block will be ensured to the uploader of the said image.
  • If you have concern with regards to the images, especially on manga, contact the wiki's image provider, Toshi here.
  • After the image has been uploaded, please put the proper categories and put it in their respective places / galleries.
  • Our image provider/s will be the one to give out images for the articles. Never use images that wont be coming from them.
    • However, if you have the ability to produce images that are in par with the image providers that are capable of making, then you may use your own.
  • In editing an article, make sure to know the proper format of placing images, so that the article wont look disruptive.
  • Images are usually sized 200px.
  • Pictures that are of .gif in format must be used on ability pages. It would only be allowed on character pages if it is meant to be placed on their ability section.

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