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Adding a quote

When the voting session opens, all users are free to add a quote they feel that would be qualified, given that the quote would meet all of the requirements.


  • Must be translated in English properly.
  • Must be referenced where the quote came from.
  • Must not be lengthy, and would only consist 5 - 10 words.

For posting quotes:

''"Write the exact quote here"'' ('''[[Speaker]]''' to '''[[spoken to (optional)]]''' in "[[Chapter/Episode link|Name of Episode/Chapter]]")

How to Vote

  • Anonymous users aren't allowed to vote.
  • All of the users vote here in the wiki, be it bureaucrats, admins or those who hold any sort of privilege here on the wiki would only equate on 1 vote.
  • Be reminded that users are only allowed to use only 1 "Support" vote. If a user already used his "Support" vote and casts another "Support" vote, it would be deleted.
  • Be reminded that users are also allowed to cast 1 "Oppose" vote, if they have the urge to cast one. Like the "Support" vote, should a user casts another "Oppose" vote when they already given one, the next vote would be deleted.
  • Users who goes straight on voting without using the {{Support}} or {{Oppose}} templates would result on their votes, being deleted.
  • Votes must be signed, or else it would be deleted.
  • Users can cancel their first vote if ever they have already voted earlier. However, a user can only do this once, and the user must settle with his new vote.
  • Votes given after the deadline wont be counted anymore.
  • A user cannot add, change, and especially delete, the vote of other users.



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