B L O G     P O L I C I E S    

Blog is the place in Mai-Otome Wiki where you can openly discuss your thoughts about a certain character or even post your personal thoughts. However, bear in mind that posting one has limitations.

  • Pictures: If you wish to post pictures of your own and it would be coming from outside of the wiki, it must follow the policies and must contain {{Fair use rationale}}; otherwise, the image will be deleted. Sites such as Photobucket would be allowed.
  • Blog about other series: This is the Mai-Otome wiki, and blogs about other series wont be permitted. However, given that you would only mention other series and the blog would still revolve on Mai-Otome series, then that would be allowed.
  • Spam Blogs: Refrain from creating Spam blogs; The kind of blog that doesn't have any sense, and contains random numbers / letters / words / sentences and is gibberish.
  • Offensive Blogs: Blogs that would contain harassment, directly offeding other's belief and culture, blasphemy, sexual discrimination and display of offensive behavior would be immediately deleted. The creator of the said blog would be given a warning by an administrator afterward.
  • Blog with monetary involvement: The Mai-Otome wiki is not the place for a user to promote, and especially sell his products.

Should your blog got deleted and you believe that it doesn't violate any of the said policies, you may contact ChokokuguzaNoTobira or any of the wiki's Administrators.

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