Infinite Super Blue Comets
Infinate Super Comets
Name Infinite Super Blue Comets
Kanji 無限蒼色彗星乱舞
Rōmaji Mugen Aoiro Suisē Ranbu
Infinitto Sūpā Burū Komettsu
General Information
Users Arika Yumemiya
GEM Blue Sky Sapphire

Infinite Blue Comets Wild Dance (無限蒼色彗星乱舞 Mugen Aoiro Suisē Ranbu) or also known as Infinite Super Blue Comets (インフィニット・スーパー・ブルー・コメッツ Infinitto Sūpā Burū Komettsu) is a manga-only Miryoku used by Coral #51, Arika Yumemiya, when she battled against a Slave.


The Otome would be first surrounded by a flowing, wave-like energy. Upon activation, the user of the Miryoku will exclaim "(I'm) Manifesting A Million Tons of Spirit" (100万トンの魂を発揮するんだ hyaku-man ton no tamashī o hakki surunda). Mirages surrounded with light were to follow, coming out of the Otome's body, and would attack the intended target. The mirages, still surrounded, but this time with a pointed light, will approach the target all together.[1] The Otome will then deliver the finishing blow with great force, causing an explosion.[2]


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