My-Otome (舞-乙HiME Mai-Otome) is an anime series that is created by Sunrise. It is directed Masakazu Obara and written by Hiroyuki Yoshino. The first episode aired on TV Tokyo on October 6, 2005.[1] It is a story about a girl named Arika Yumemiya, who is in a search of her mother, and the only thing she knows about her is that she used to be a Meister Otome, and she studied in Garderobe, where the female warriors who serve the royalty also known as Otome are being trained. On her search, she stumbles upon Nina Wáng, who is the number one Coral Otome, and also meets the future queen of Windbloom, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom. The story progresses on how Arika becomes an Otome; while she also unfolds the truth about her mother, and the burden that being an Otome holds.

List of Episodes

# English Title Kanji Romaji Airing Date
1 Dreaming☆Arika ユメノ☆アリカ Yumeno☆Arika 2005-10-06
2 A Hurricane Blowing Through the Garden of Maidens!? 乙女の園を駆ける疾風!? Otome no Sono wo Kakeru Shippuu!? 2005-10-13
3 First Experience はじめてのケ・イ・ケ・ン Hajimete no 2005-10-20
4 Blazing Transfer Student!! 炎の転入生!! Honoo no tennyuusei!! 2005-10-27
5 School, Uniform and Me ♪ 学園と制服とあたし♪ Gakuen to Seifuku to Atashi ♪ 2005-11-03
6 Nina Entangled... orz ニナ、まかれる...orz Nina, Makareru... orz 2005-11-10
7 The Blue Dance/Oath of the Maiden 蒼の舞/乙女の契り Ao no Mai / Otome no Chigiri 2005-11-17
8 Burden Of Destiny 運命の軛 Unmei no Kubiki 2005-11-24
9 The Ocean - Swimsuit + Disaster = ? 海ー水着+遭難=? Umi − Mizugi + Sōnan = ? 2005-12-01
10 A Serious Otome Matter それが乙女の一大事 Sore ga Otome no Ichdaiji 2005-12-08
12 Masquerade? 仮面舞踏かい? Kamen butoukai? 2005-12-22
13 In the Crimson Sky... 茜色の空に。。。 Akane Iro no Sora ni... 2006-01-05
14 Otome's S.O.S オトメのS·O·S Otome no Esu-Ō-Esu 2006-01-12
15 Arika, Crying. アリカ、泣く。 Arika, naku. 2006-01-19
16 "It's a promise!" 約束だよ! Yakusoku da yo! 2006-01-26
17 The Blue Dance/When Dreams Fall 蒼の舞/想い、散るとき Ao no Mai / Omoi, Chiru Toki 2006-02-02
18 Whiteout ホワイトアウト Howaitoauto 2006-02-09
19 Fateful 17-year-old 宿命の17歳 Shukumei no Jū Nana Sai 2006-02-16
20 Don't Call me Ni-na ニーナと呼ばないで Nīna to Yobanaide 2006-02-23
21 When the White Princess Awakens 白き姫、目覚めるとき Shiroki Hime, Mezameru Toki 2006-03-02
22 Song of Destruction ホロビノウタ Horobi no Uta 2006-03-09
23 Arika of the Mysterious Valley 不思議の谷のアリカ Fushigi no Tani no Arika 2006-03-16
24 For your sake... あなたのために。。。 Anata no Tame ni... 2006-03-23
25 Maiden of the Blue Sky 蒼天の乙女 Sōten no Otome 2006-03-30
26 Dream ☆ Wing ~ Whereabouts of a Dream Dream ☆ Wing 〜夢の在処 Dream ☆ Wing ~ Yume no Arika 2006-03-30


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