Anh Lu
Anh Mugshot
Name Anh Lu
Kanji アイン・ルー
Rōmaji Ain Rū
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Purple
Self Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Nguyen Bao (Father)
Professional Status
Occupation Meister Otome
Affiliation An Nam
Master Nguyen Bao
GEM Infinite Wisdom Azurite
First Appearance
Anime Episode 3
Japanese Ryoko Shintani
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Anh Lu (アイン・ルー Ain Rū), originally spelled as Ảnh Lữ, is an anime-only character, and is the Otome, as well as the daughter of the King of An Nam. She is well known for her vulnerability with alcohol.


Ahn Lu has brown hair cut into a bob and light purple eyes. In her hair she wears a white headband with a red gem in the shape of a circle at the center. This headband still leaves two strands of hair leading onto her forehead, lining  the upside down triangle marked upon it.

Her attire, like most other Otome in the series, is very formal and sophisticated. Her regular uniform consists of a pale teal colored dress which goes down past her knees. The dress is sleeved, white frills visible at the wrist, and the shoulder and neck area is white, appearing somewhat in the shape of a triangle on her back. The white triangle goes down to her waist, the tip being overtaken by a single white bow, made up of fairly long ribbon. Like many other females in the series she has a piece of cloth sitting upon her chest, hers coming from near the shoulders, down to just above the bottom hem of her dress. The cloth has a triangular-shaped cut out and is lined with the color gold. She wears white, heeled boots which go up past the bottom hem of her dress.